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Ankle Support Brace

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Ankle Support Brace

Stabilizing support for injury prevention:

  • Speeds up the healing phase
  • Provides physical comfort
  • Allows a wide range of motion
  • Stabilizing compression supportᅠ


Stabilizing Support for injury prevention: The Ankle Support Brace offers stabilizing compression support, reducing the risk of ankle injuries by providing additional stability and support to the tendons and joints. Whether you're engaging in running, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, or any activity that involves ankle movements, this brace helps protect against potential injuries, allowing you to pursue your passions with confidence.

Accelerated recovery: Designed with crisscross reinforcement straps, this ankle brace not only offers stability but also provides great compression. The compression promotes improved blood circulation, aiding in the recovery process. It also offers pain relief from conditions such as heel spurs, Achilles heel, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and other foot-related discomforts, supporting your journey towards a speedy recovery.

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Breathable and lightweight comfort: The ankle support brace is crafted from breathable and lightweight neoprene fabric, ensuring superior comfort throughout the day. Its slim-fitting design allows for easy wear under socks or shoes. The fabric's breathability keeps your feet dry, preventing excessive moisture buildup.ᅠ

Freedom of movement: The ergonomic design of the ankle support brace allows it to fit snugly around your ankle, reducing stress and tension. By providing the right amount of support and stability, it enables you to move freely and confidently, supporting your need for mobility and flexibility during various physical activities.

Size Shoe Size (in cm) Size Size (in inches)
S 35-38 cm 13.8-15.0 in
M 39-41 cm 15.4-16.1 in
L 42-45 cm 16.5-17.7 in
XL 45-48 cm 17.7-18.9 in

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