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Silicone Egg Cooking Cups

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Silicone Egg Cooking Cups

Hassle-Free Cooking: Say goodbye to the mess and frustration of peeling eggs. These silicone egg cooking cups allow you to cook eggs without their shells, eliminating the need for peeling and the mess that comes with it. Imagine the ease of making a dozen deviled eggs without the hassle of peeling each one!

Nutrient Preservation: Cooking eggs in these silicone cups helps preserve their valuable vitamins and microelements. By cooking eggs in a contained environment, you're ensuring that nutrients like choline, lecithin, and vitamin B12, crucial for brain function, are retained. It's like giving your breakfast a nutritional boost without any extra effort.

Protein-Rich Meals: Given eggs' status as a pure, naturally occurring source of protein, these silicone cups are your ticket to protein-packed meals. They make cooking eggs simpler, encouraging you to incorporate more protein into your diet effortlessly.

How to Use It:

  • Crack the egg into the cup and seal it with the lid.
  • Place the cup in a water-filled pot and cook to the desired firmness.
  • Use the lid handle to remove the cup, then let it cool and dry.
  • Unscrew the lid, flip the cup onto a plate, and press the edges to release the egg.


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