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NutriNest™ Folding Steamer

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NutriNest™ Folding Steamer

Health-Promoting Cooking: By using this steamer basket, you're choosing a cooking method that retains over 90% of the nutrients that would be lost through boiling or microwaving. Imagine serving dishes rich in vitamins and minerals, simply by how you cook them.

Expandable and Collapsible: Whether you're cooking a small serving for one or a large meal for the family, this steamer expands and collapses to fit your needs. It transforms any pot into a steamer, making it a versatile kitchen tool.

Easy Egg Preparation: Not just for veggies and seafood, this steamer basket is your go-to for perfectly boiled eggs. Whether you like them soft, medium, or hard, the steamer basket ensures even cooking without the hassle of watching over a boiling pot.

Ideal for Every Cook: From the health-conscious parent to the busy student, or even the culinary artist, this steamer is a universal tool. It supports anyone looking to incorporate more health into their diet effortlessly.

Protect Your Pots and Pans: The steamer is designed with silicone feet and foldable legs to prevent scratches on your cookware. It's like a gentle guardian, ensuring that your pots and pans remain in pristine condition.

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